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Smart function

l   Smart detection: 10 behavioral analysis,4 abnormal detection,1 identification detection

l   Smart detection: 10 behavior analysis,4 abnormal detection,1 recognition detection
I   Smart video recording: It supports the function of disconnecting and retransmission to ensure that the video is not lost. Smart NVR/SD card is used to realize intelligent retrieval, analysis and enrichment of event video

l   Smart coding: Supports low bit rate, low latency, ROI enhanced coding, SVC adaptive coding technology, smart264 coding

l   Smart control: AF lens

Image correlation

I     supports 3 megapixels (2048×1536) @30fPS for smoother images
I     Support corridor mode and increase monitoring area in vertical and narrow environment
I     support area clipping, small bandwidth to see large details
I     code flow smooth setting can meet the different requirements of image quality and fluency in different scenes
I     support H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, support multi-level video quality configuration, coding  complexity Settings
I     support GBK word base, support more Chinese characters and rare words superposition, support OSD color optional
I     supports wide dynamic range up to 120dB, suitable for backlight environment monitoring
      Support fog penetration and strong light suppression

Infrared function

l   High efficiency infrared array lamp, low power consumption, irradiation distance up to 30-120m(2.8-12mm lens supports 20-50m)

l   Infrared anti-reflection panel improves the transmittance of infrared light

l   Smart IR function can intelligently change the brightness of the infrared lamp according to the focal length of the lens, so that the infrared supplementary light is uniform, the nearby objects do not explode, and the distant objects do not miss

system function

l   Support ONVIF(Profile S/ Profile G), CGI, PSIA, ISAPI, GB/T28181 and Ehome protocol access

l   Support three - code stream technology, double - channel HD, support simultaneous 20 - channel stream

l   Third generation electric lens, support AF automatic fast follow focus, zoom process without false focus

l   Optional intelligent temperature control, low power heating, support low temperature startup (-H optional)

l   Support defogging to prevent internal fogging of equipment

l  Anti-stray light glass is adopted to ensure the picture effect and eliminate the interference of stray light

l   Support lightning protection, surge protection, anti-static, IP67 protection level

l   Support wide pressure input

interface function

I supports standard 128G Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage
I supports 10M/100M/1000M adaptive network port
I supports 1 pair of audio input/output (-s) and dual-channel stereo audio
I Supports 1 pair of alarm input/output (-s)
I supports BNC analog output

security service

I support three levels of user rights management, support authorized users and passwords, support IP address filtering, support anonymous access
I support HTTPS,SSH and other security authentication, support to create certificates
I Start the initial device and modify the password to ensure password security
I supports user login locking mechanism


application scenarios
Applicable to finance, telecommunications, government, schools, airports, factories, hotels, museums, traffic monitoring and other places that require hd picture quality and low light or no light

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